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On January 15, 2021 the plan was released and started a 30-day appeal period that ends on February 15, 2021. Please take the time to read the document.

“The management plan outlines a limited permit system for semi-primitive dispersed camping, guidelines for new rock climbing route development, management strategies for roads, routes and trails, and the installation of strategically placed toilets, trash facilities and signage to minimize the adverse effects of day and overnight use. The plan also provides for increased interpretation, education and partnership opportunities to improve the visitor experience and protect the area’s resources and values.

In addition to recreation, the plan includes targeted actions designed to maintain and enhance the other resources and values of the Alabama Hills, including fuels treatments to help reduce the risk and spread of catastrophic wildland fires. The plan also provides for ecosystem and resource improvement projects to conserve, protect, and enhance cultural and historical resources, popular movie locations, and native plant communities and wildlife habitats including riparian areas and sensitive species habitats. The plan maintains and streamlines film and special recreation permit activities.

The actions identified in the management plan were analyzed in a preliminary environmental assessment, with additions and modifications based on comments received during the public review period. The plan includes a strong adaptive management component and employs an implementation strategy that allows for monitoring results and adjusting accordingly based on desired outcomes.

Implementing the Dingell Act is a top priority for the Department of the Interior as they work to strike a proper balance for land and resource management, increase access for hunting, fishing, and recreation, and create economic prosperity, while protecting and preserving America’s treasures.

Information about this planning effort including the Environmental Assessment, Finding of No Significance, Decision Record, and Comprehensive Management Plan for the Alabama Hills are available online at https://bit.ly/2Owt8yd. For specific questions, please call BLM Bishop Field Office Project Manager Monica Buhler at 760-872-5000.” -BLM Press Release (01/15/21)